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The greatest lesson Baby Boomers taught me…

I learned a valuable lesson from the Baby Boomers in my life.  I mean, I’ve learned almost everything I know from that generation, but there is a lesson I am learning right now that I hold very seriously and consciously.  It is very simple. NEVER OPT OUT OF LEARNING Don’t worry Boomer-readers, this isn’t going… Continue reading The greatest lesson Baby Boomers taught me…

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New Skin

I am learning in 2022 a very powerful lesson. It's a lesson you don't really hear much about out in the world. A lot is written about change - how to create it, manage it, navigate it. The risk, nature, and power of change have been as much discussed as the need for change…but what… Continue reading New Skin

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Routine v Ritual – A Confession

This year has taken me back to churches more than I would have volunteered to go. As I sat in the funeral of the father of a dear friend under the plaques on the wall of the old colonial church memorializing men lost at sea, men who died at war, and women who played the… Continue reading Routine v Ritual – A Confession

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New Year as Nature Intended

This is a time for many of us to contemplate the ending of things. Even before the Christian faith that brought us Christmas existed, this coming week has been an important time for many cultures. In the Northern hemisphere, the pivotal moment comes when the season of darkness, hardship and austerity would peak, and we… Continue reading New Year as Nature Intended