What We Do

Coaching is an essential leadership style dedicated to facilitating individual learning.

At Blue Island Oracle, our objective is to help you unlock your own potential to thrive at premium efficiency and find the balance to maintain it. Below, you will find a list of the services we provide which aim to achieve this. 

Individual Coaching

We offer Individual Coaching which may cater to personal growth, transformation, and empowerment through vulnerability. Participants determine what matters most to them, what their vision for the future is, and they co-create the way forward with the insightful support of their coach. Individual Coaching contracts are for 3 sessions a month for a minimum of 6 months. 

Team Coaching

With Team Coaching, discussions can arise on conflict management, communication, and alignment with a common goal. Rectify any issues or close any gaps within your team dynamic which hinder your ability to work together effectively. Team coaching is bespoke – either with weekly meetings over a period of months or deep-dive full-day workshops designed to bring a team into alignment or improve on existing dynamics. 

Couple Coaching

For Couple Coaching, trust, respect, and communication are some examples of themes which may be covered within the context of the couple’s own goals. Cut through any underlying issues to get to the root of gaps, and help both partners get to a mutually beneficial relationship to their lives together and within themselves. Couple Coaching contracts are for a minimum of 3 months. 

Full Day Workshops

Full Day Workshops, much like the rest of the coaching services we offer, can cover many different topics throughout the day. Because this workshop only lasts for a day, the themes and exercises we cover are co-created with participants – your purpose, being, essence, and the driving force behind the life and/or disposition for what you want to achieve. 

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