Blue Island November Newsletter

Thank you! November 2021 Dear Friend, Thank you for your patience as we took some time out in the month of October to adjust to the changes that came with the launch of our full time coaching practice. We are pleased to announce that it is going very well! Coaching has kicked off with a bang,… Continue reading Blue Island November Newsletter


New Moon, Who Dis?

Welcome to the end of the week - a BIG week full of eclipses and retrograde planets, ending with a delicious New Moon! Whether you believe in all this or not, I think we can all agree it's been a time of big moves and big experiences. Our community has seen accidents and shootings and… Continue reading New Moon, Who Dis?

Events, Spirituality

How to prepare for your first Meditation Class

It is that time, dear ones! Time for you to gently take hold of the reigns of your mind with guidance in your first Blue Island Meditation. For those of you feeling nervous or shy about signing up or about showing up, let us help you out by giving you a step by step of… Continue reading How to prepare for your first Meditation Class


Meditation and the Bible

The first mention of meditation in the Bible is in its very first book. In Genesis 24:63 we learn that Isaac went into the fields to meditate on the day he met his wife Rebekah. It is mentioned really casually, in an off-hand and by-the-way kind of mention. It's as if people just walked into… Continue reading Meditation and the Bible


Belief Systems, Identity, and Meditation

Belief systems are such powerful things! Our beliefs about ourselves influence our choices, our actions, our experiences, and how we interact with our environment. Our beliefs about others influence how we show up in relationships and shape the experiences of those relationships. Our beliefs about the world and about God influence our decisions and our… Continue reading Belief Systems, Identity, and Meditation