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New Skin

I am learning in 2022 a very powerful lesson. It’s a lesson you don’t really hear much about out in the world. A lot is written about change – how to create it, manage it, navigate it. The risk, nature, and power of change have been as much discussed as the need for change…but what… Continue reading New Skin

What does ‘Toxic Workplace’ even mean?

Our entire world is rethinking how we do things under the spotlight the COVID-19 pandemic has shone on our systems. Essential services, office attendance, flexibility, and employee well-being have all had to be examined and redefined under the pressure of the circumstances. Organizations who have failed to address some of these issues have suffered significant… Continue reading What does ‘Toxic Workplace’ even mean?

More Stillness Please!

I had a WhatsApp conversation with someone I admire over the holiday week that I am pretty sure most people, especially those of you who are good at life, will understand. The person is pretty amazing at life, has achieved a lot and is well acquainted with success, but they hit a wall during the… Continue reading More Stillness Please!

The Less Experiment List

Here are some wonderful ways to participate in The Less Experiment. We all love a good list. And we have two for you! FIRST: Join The Less Experiment Squad First of all, if you haven’t yet, come meet the others at The Less Experiment Facebook Group. Experiments, like most journeys, are more fun with friends!… Continue reading The Less Experiment List

Who am I now?

The New Year found me with my feet sunk to my ankles in the sand and salty surf, my glass and my face raised to the sky, and tears in my eyes. What a ride! 2021 was a year of extreme change. I do not exaggerate when I say that every single thing about my… Continue reading Who am I now?


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