Blue Island Journal

Summer Sessions!

Beat the heat with us this Summer and sit in the cool of morning at the Savannah Community Park. Every Saturday in July – weather permitting – we will be meeting at 8:30. As usual, bring your mat, your water bottle, your blanket, your cushion and a mind ready for some quiet.

New Moon, Who Dis?

Welcome to the end of the week – a BIG week full of eclipses and retrograde planets, ending with a delicious New Moon! Whether you believe in all this or not, I think we can all agree it’s been a time of big moves and big experiences. Our community has seen accidents and shootings and… Continue reading New Moon, Who Dis?

Words of Wellness

I suspect that the most common barrier to picking up the habit of journaling is the awkwardness of talking out loud (writing) to no-one in particular. It is so easy for me to take for granted the gift that journaling has been in my life. Maybe because it is a gift that is to me… Continue reading Words of Wellness

Belief Systems, Identity, and Meditation

Belief systems are such powerful things! Our beliefs about ourselves influence our choices, our actions, our experiences, and how we interact with our environment. Our beliefs about others influence how we show up in relationships and shape the experiences of those relationships. Our beliefs about the world and about God influence our decisions and our… Continue reading Belief Systems, Identity, and Meditation

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