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More Stillness Please!

I had a WhatsApp conversation with someone I admire over the holiday week that I am pretty sure most people, especially those of you who are good at life, will understand. The person is pretty amazing at life, has achieved a lot and is well acquainted with success, but they hit a wall during the… Continue reading More Stillness Please!

The Less Experiment List

Here are some wonderful ways to participate in The Less Experiment. We all love a good list. And we have two for you! FIRST: Join The Less Experiment Squad First of all, if you haven’t yet, come meet the others at The Less Experiment Facebook Group. Experiments, like most journeys, are more fun with friends!… Continue reading The Less Experiment List

The World won’t end if you do LESS!

As we live, love, work and move on this spinning blue and green marble hurtling through space we can sometimes trick ourselves into believing that our own personal momentum is what keeps the world turning. Much of what we believe about our lives and the world has been shaken up in recent times in multiple… Continue reading The World won’t end if you do LESS!

Who am I now?

The New Year found me with my feet sunk to my ankles in the sand and salty surf, my glass and my face raised to the sky, and tears in my eyes. What a ride! 2021 was a year of extreme change. I do not exaggerate when I say that every single thing about my… Continue reading Who am I now?

New Year as Nature Intended

This is a time for many of us to contemplate the ending of things. Even before the Christian faith that brought us Christmas existed, this coming week has been an important time for many cultures. In the Northern hemisphere, the pivotal moment comes when the season of darkness, hardship and austerity would peak, and we… Continue reading New Year as Nature Intended


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