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Belief Systems, Identity, and Meditation

Belief systems are such powerful things! Our beliefs about ourselves influence our choices, our actions, our experiences, and how we interact with our environment. Our beliefs about others influence how we show up in relationships and shape the experiences of those relationships. Our beliefs about the world and about God influence our decisions and our interactions in all parts of our lives. Beliefs, therefore, naturally play a big part in how you experience meditation.

We believe that meditation is a tool available to every human being with a mind. This tool has been used throughout the history of mankind in different ways and in different parts of the world to different ends. The tool has been used inside of religions, in the structures of social order, and by the secular masters of philosophy, psychology, and most recently physics.

There is one particular belief that Blue Island Meditation is here to address. So many people believe they cannot meditate! “I just can’t keep still that long” or “My mind is racing all the time, meditation is not for me.” At Blue Island Meditation, we believe that if you have a living and functioning brain, you are able to meditate. Our beliefs have power over us. What we choose to believe dictates how we experience life. We are committed at Blue Island Meditation to having everyone who enters our meditation classes leave with the power of a new belief, I CAN MEDITATE. Then we trust the meditation itself to have the impact it is meant to have in your wellbeing and your life.

In 2012, I entered a new world of thought. July found me in New York on the first day of a program that taught people how to become ontological coaches. I stepped on to a train of personal development on the third weekend of that month, a train whose destination I would never have guessed. The Coaches Training Program of Accomplishment Coaching first trains would-be coaches in changing their own lives through service to others using the modality of coaching. One of the greatest gifts this training gave me was the practice of identifying and then questioning my existing beliefs, and then choosing intentionally what I would believe going forward. This training led me to question everything I had ever assumed to be true – about myself, about my family, about relationships, about work, about money, about every part of my life. The exploration would eventually lead me to meditation and the personal study of mythology and the history of human belief systems.

The Blue Island Oracle was formed eight years into the journey of seeking that began in 2012. It was formed quite intentionally with the Cayman Islands, my homeland, in mind. These islands are in the middle of an identity crisis as the religious rules of Christianity and the history of colonialism that many relate to as the foundations of our national identity are challenged by modern constitutional and social change. All of this is happening to the little island territory against the global backdrop of militant enforcement of the borders of belief systems, and the rise of a time of tribalism the likes of which we have never really experienced before. My homeland finds herself forced into a journey similar to the personal journey I found myself on years ago – a journey to determine what beliefs will hold her together and guide her into the future. But is this a journey that is happening to her? Or is it one that she will take with wisdom, awareness, and intention?

Meditation and spiritual wellness does not belong to religion, nor does it belong to secular life. It is a tool that has been exercised with great reward in many different spaces. Meditation is used in therapy and healing as well as in religious service and personal devotion by hundreds of millions of people all over the world.

At Blue Island Meditation all are welcome. There are no borders of exclusion. All who come to learn the tools of meditation will get what they came for. My dream is to have every nation, political belief, socioeconomic tier, and religious background present in our practices, creating waves of love that can ripple out into our community. May we be the source of unity, closing divides and healing hearts.

No single belief system will be taught in meditation classes and no meditator will be made to feel unwelcome. May our own awareness and search for our own belief systems provide a sense of direction to the energy of our homeland, and may we all come out fulfilled.

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