Giving Birth to Blue Island Meditation

Blue Island Meditation is a child of meditation itself. The idea to bring people together in Cayman to learn how to access the power and beauty of their own minds came to me over and over as I myself sat in the quiet of meditation. It came first as images of people sitting together in peaceful harmony flashing across my mind. Then it began to slip into my waking world. Friends would randomly start conversations about meditation, Facebook videos related to the practice would come up time and time again (yes, Mark, we know you’re listening). The idea became so loud that I couldn’t ignore it. Whole sessions of meditation would be intrusions of images of people sitting in harmony. I couldn’t not answer the call.

One day I posted on the book of faces, “Cayman friends, would you be interested in learning how to meditate? Please comment yes or no! Feeling out an idea.” I got 23 responses in a few short hours, surprising me. There it was, the proof that it was time. And yet still I delayed, not feeling ready or good enough to lead in meditation. There was so much resistance, doubt, and where on earth would I find the time? I asked the question again and again in other forums and received more and more resounding calls.

The Universe does conspire to help you achieve even before you know that you want to. On a Thursday in the middle of the day Blue Island Meditation was born. The Red Cross agreed to host a community meditation class the very next Tuesday. In less than a week, there was an explosion of new meditators in our community and the power of positive energy continues to expand.

From the very beginning of this journey my goals have been simple.

  1. Introduce meditation to people who have never tried it;
  2. Get out of their way so that they can access their own unique experience of meditation and the beliefs they can create for and about themselves; and
  3. Be a resource to my fellow meditators in their journey.

What is abundantly clear to me is that I am only a guide. The experience of meditation is YOURS alone. As a guide, I will not get into the muddy waters of right and wrong and what should be. I will share only the tool, the wisdom of others who use it, and offer you places to look.

To everyone who has taken the step into this shared space of quiet, thank you for sharing your journey with me. May you create what you came to create and find in yourself what you are seeking.


The Blue Island Oracle

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